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HB was informed this afternoon that two Yearout employees have tested positive for Covid-19. The infected employees were on the Alvarado jobsite Friday, May 15th and Monday, May 18th installing duct insulation on the 5th floor. They were tested on Wednesday, May 20th and notified of the positive result today.

Every subcontractor needs to complete the attached
COVID-19 Subcontractor Historical Jobsite Log (Link is below) listing all of your employees and third tier subcontractors that have been to the jobsite since Friday, May 15th.  This form needs to be return emailed to me before the start of work on Tuesday, May 26th.  

Since we have a positive test on the jobsite, if your name is  listed in the log will need to determine your level of exposure to the duct insulators on the 5th floor using the attached
COVID-19 Degree of Exposure Pictorial (Link is below).  After determining your exposure, follow the instructions on the pictorial.

Please be assured HB has policies in place to minimize the impact of Covid-19 on the project. We are actively identifying individuals with Direct Exposure as well as  disinfecting areas including the 5th floor, circulation points and restroom facilities.  I understand it is a holiday weekend however we need your information as quickly as possible to isolate potential risks. ​