Electrical Contractor in Clovis, NM

It is vital that the electricity in your building works properly. When you have faulty wiring or any other type of electrical problem, it not only puts you in danger but also your employees. If you are planning on constructing a new commercial building, you should hire an electrical contractor that can make sure everything runs smoothly.

If you're looking for an electrical contractor in Clovis, NM, there's no better choice than Theco. We specialize in public works projects, including military bases, schools, and other government buildings. We also have experience working with private businesses. Whatever your needs are, we can take care of the job. 

Our Superior Service

Theco can provide electrical contractor services throughout the entire state of New Mexico. Wherever you are located and whatever type of job you are working on, we are ready to help you handle it. Give us a call at (505) 897-7140. You are also welcome to fill out our online contact form, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Electrical Contractors at work in Clovis, NM

At Theco, we don't subcontract any jobs. All of our work is done in-house, so you can be sure that your entire project is handled by experts. We have worked with telecommunications systems, security systems, fire alarms, and other high-voltage systems. It doesn't matter what kind of electrical work you are looking for because Theco has the tools and experience to handle it.

At any given time, we have 60 to 100 employees who are ready to get to work. You don't have to concern yourself about the job being too big because we have plenty of strong and able workers that can get your commercial building up and running. If you're unsure about whether or not we are the right fit for your job, just give us a call and we can discuss it with you.

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